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6). Now last, but not least: We are a Christian company, and adhere to the Gospel of Christ as taught in the Holy Scriptures. There will be some recurring Bible verses throughout the CPGCI website that will not be removed on request. Please tolerate this fact.

Our Policy Concerning Business:

1). You are eligible for refund before the shipping of your ordered products. Your eligibility expires at the point of the shipping of your ordered products.

2). By ordering or contacting us, you submit your private information to us and give us the permission to use it in the way you imply (that is, we have permission to contact you in response to your message or to use your address to ship your ordered products).

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4). Under no circumstance is CPGCI obligated to you (that is, a visitor) to perform anything except in a case in which we have promised to do something, or have implied that we have promised to do something, and there is proof that you are eligible for the reception of promised performance.

5). CPGCI is not obligated to carry out an order due to a mistake on the customer's part (incorrect information).

6). We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

These are the Terms and Business Policies of CPGCI - in effect from A.D. 2017 to the present date. Soli Deo Gloria!