Strawberry Flowers in a Wood

"A strawberry flower is something small; one might wonder why they grow at all - but after awhile, the summer sunshine transforms it into a fruit a-fine." - Anonymous

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This canvas print is made to order, and you may even include custom text, if you choose. If you order it with custom text, we will spend a reasonable amount of time designing it for you, and keeping in touch with you via email just to see if our designs are to your liking. The faster this is concluded, the sooner your canvas print will be shipped. 

P.S. If your desired custom text is a Bible verse, please just cite the location of the verse within the custom text box above.

This canvas print will arrive ready-to-hang, and its dimensions are 8"x10". For any further questions, please Contact Us.

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Photography by J.S. Clingman.