Would you like to write a Guest Post for CPGCI's Blog?


By applying, you imply that you wish to write a guest post for my blog. The subjects welcome are:
  • Anything Tolkien-related.
  • That which is of a Christian-Devotional type.
  • Interesting stories (Christian Fantasy, Celtic historical-fiction, historical-fiction, etc. More details can be obtained by contacting me).
  • Hymns or Celtic songs/music that you would like to elaborate on.
  • Accepted suggestions (you may make these suggestions by contacting me - even I can't think of everything! 😂).
By the way: when you click "apply" both file attachment and phone number are fields that are not required.

- J.S. Clingman
You must...
  • Be A Conservative Christian
  • Have a Care for English Grammar
  • Adhere to that which the Bible explicitly or implicitly commands
Your website and bio will be featured (if you so desire).
You get to showcase your writing FOR FREE! See the Description above for the relevant subjects to the blog.
There really aren't very many... 
  • You must provide us with a quality blog post
  • and Cooperate with our attempts to publish it.
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