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What is a Special Order?

A Special Order is a card order that you make, selecting the text and photograph of your choice. You simply tell us what you would like on the cards, and we design them for you. Once we have finished a design we will communicate with you by email for you to approve the design.

Are there any differences expense-wise compared to regular cards, that can be found in the store?

Due to expenses, our Special Order minimum is 10 cards, priced at $1.50 each, same as all others. There is also a slightly larger shipping rate that has been created to cope with the cost to have the cards shipped to our physical address, which is where we ship them to you. Because of this, there is also an increase in wait, so please be patient. 

The Shipping rates for Special Orders are below, and are regulated by price:

Steps to make a Special Order:

1. Select your photograph (either from this page or from our Gallery, in which case you will be prompted to specify the exact photograph you would like us to use in the text box).

2. Select your text preference. 

3. Type in the text you would like for your cards in the box provided (if this is a Bible verse, just type in the location example: John 3:16). If you wish for there to be no text, leave it empty. (Limit 500 characters).

4. Click "buy."

5. Select "Special Order Shipping" at checkout. 

6. Leave the rest to us!

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