"Observations on Law by a Paralegal Student" - On False Liberty

"False liberty is the assumption that people can and should do their own thing as long as they do not hurt others. However, this is vanity, as it is declared in Ecclesiastes. There is no meaning in such freedom, and in some cases, this freedom can become slavery. Slavery and addiction to alcohol, pornography, and other such things. So doing your own thing really does not help yourself or others, for if one, under the name of Liberty, believes he has a right to drink all the beer he wants, and does so, and becomes a drunkard, he has followed his own way (done what he believe was permissible under his concept of Liberty, which was false) and now ruined himself. He is now incapable of correct thinking, and can do mad things when he is under the influence of an over-consumption of alcohol. In effect, this is what sin is – following false liberty. And sin is practiced by people who are not in their right minds. This is what sin is." 

- J.S. Clingman

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