International Church Council Project, aka. ICCP, Church Unity Ministry

International Church Council Project, aka. ICCP, Church Unity Ministry





The International Church Council Project is a  Christian ministry to encourage and assist the Body of Christ in  returning to her historic roots in a number of critical areas of  doctrine. ICCP also addresses several areas that are new battle lines,  though in reality, none of the battle lines are new. The enemies have  simply dressed themselves in new clothing (Topic 24–Environmentalism is  an example of old paganism dressed in modern clothing).

It is our prayer and hope that a wave of fresh obedience and a return  to doctrinal faithfulness will seep over the Church. The ICCP serves in  hope of being a catalyst to this end.

The International Church Council Project is a ministry of Coalition on Revival,  Inc., a tax-exempt, 501 (c) 3 non-profit ministry dedicated to  impacting culture with the Christian Faith, and especially the Church by  providing a forum, aids and means to help her fulfill her mission to  disciple the nations.


I am happy to endorse the international Church Council under the  leadership of Dr. Jay Grimstead, for the efforts that they have made for  many years for the defense of the infallibility of the Scriptures and  the returning of the Church to its historical orthodoxy. In the midst of  the massive theological confusion and relativism of our time, I think  the International Church Council is a much needed organization for our  day.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.
President, Coral Ridge Ministries

I feel privileged to be a member of the International Church Council  Committee headed by Dr. Jay Grimstead. This man of God has labored  untiringly in the defense of the inerrancy of the Bible and to  reestablish evangelical Christianity as the moral foundation of our  nation since 1977 when he was a prime mover in founding the  International Council on Biblical Inerrancy. This current, united effort  of Christian leaders to reestablish the historic, biblical standards of  doctrine for the Body of Christ in the 21st Century has my full  support.

Dr. Duane T. Gish, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Institute for Creation Research

“It may look right now as if the Church is suffering from a  tremendous state of apostasy, drifting and confusion. But in areas where  things look bleakest and darkest, sometimes you can see a tremendous  transformation if you are just willing to take a stand and work towards  clarifying issues.”

Dr. Ted Baehr
Director of MOVIEGUIDE®

This project is awesome, needed, important, vital, astute and a  priority for the world-wide Church for all Believers to read and  understand. Stay tuned for the Drawing A Line In The Sand book coming this autumn season from NPI for ICCP!

Jerry Nordskog

A well crafted creed or confession will send the noble, Berean-minded  Christian straight back to the Scriptures. To avoid presuming upon God,  we must know what we believe before we act. The ICCP bridges the gap  between theory and practice with clear, actionable statements of  Biblical faith.

Ronald Kirk
Educator and author of Thy Will Be Done: When All  Nations Call God Blessed!

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